About the Senior


High school.

They say its the greatest four years of your life. Time flies by so quickly, that one day, you find yourself sitting in your chair, ready to shake your principal’s hand, and take away your fake paper diploma with your other. You find yourself reminiscing about the time you walked through the doors of your school on the first day of grade nine.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

Sometime in between your first day of high school and your last, you find yourself anxiously awaiting for the day you can get out of the hell hole. It feels like the clock just won’t move to the minute hand, and you’re stuck in that biology class for eternity. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done that.

Now, I share with you my hacks on surviving high school. These really aren’t pieces of advice you find scrawled as bathroom graffiti, but wouldn’t it be great if it were? You would get to take away something from your bathroom experience every time.

If you do it right, you might just get out of it alive.

Enjoy each year to the fullest. You will never get that year back.

Work hard. Play hard…but not too hard.

Take my advice.

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