Promma Mia! It’s exactly what you’ve been expecting…only better

Ahh, the beautiful sounds of birds chirping, the light wind blowing amidst the trees, the sun is shining, and it’s PROM DAY baby!

If you’re like me, or any other teenager I know of, prom night is one of the most important nights of your life, and no, I don’t mean that for the trashy after-prom sex most teenagers have in the backseat of a car. It’s basically the one day you get to glam yourself up. For me, it’s the one day I got to wear a floor-length gown, get my hair and makeup done, and feel 0.1% of what celebrities feel like during award show season.

Prom is the adios amigos to your high school. It’s ending four years of hell, misery, and pain with a bang: a bang so loud, you can’t hear yourself while dancing. Initially, I wasn’t too keen on attending prom. I knew that deep down, I always wanted the fancy dress and fancy makeup and fancy hairdo’s, but on the outside, trying to be ‘different,’ I told my friends “Prom is sooo overrated. I’d rather eat pizza and watch Netflix at home.”

And part of that isn’t necessarily untrue. If you think about it logistically, prom is very much overrated. I spent $180 for a dress, $125 for hair and makeup, $60 for accessories and $30 for corsage (the last one was a total waste of money, by the way…especially if you’re someone like me who didn’t have a date to prom and was forced by friends to purchase one). Despite the glitz and glamour of prom itself, it takes a huge toll on your bank account, and considering the fact that I’ll be going away for university next year, I really should be saving every dime.

If we are left stuck analyzing the facts, however, prom would never be enjoyable. Millions of teenagers attend prom, despite the slash on their wallets. After attending my own prom, I could see why. It was an incredible experience, and I got some amazing pictures out of it!

Let’s start with the beginning. My day began at school…I know, a lot of people do skip school that day for hair and makeup, but we had a grad breakfast, where they announce some superlative awards or Most Likely to… awards (ya girl won Most Likely to Become an Actress), and announce valedictorian (which yours truly was nominated for, but I have no idea how or why). It was a pretty emotional ceremony because a montage of pictures of our four years in high school played, and our school had GOOD food, especially considering the fact that we all thought grad ‘breakfast’ meant a granola bar and a croissant.

After the ceremony, my friends and I went to pick up corsages from a little flower shop behind the school. The biggest problem was how to keep the flowers fresh until prom? Some of my friends were taking pre-prom pictures, I was getting my hair and makeup done until like 2 seconds before prom, other friend was getting a haircut, it was all a mess! We eventually figured it out, and corsages looked GORGEOUS (I still think it’s a waste of money if you don’t have a date).

Speaking of dates, something I noticed at the actual event of prom was that a lot of the times, if there was a couple or a date together, 99% of the time, they looked bored out of their mind. I mean, seriously! One would think that if you had a date it would be much more fun, but I just really felt bad for everyone there. They were all sitting at their tables, talking…WHO JUST ‘TALKS’ DURING A SEAN PAUL SONG?! If you’re not on the dance floor, you are missing out. Other couples were slow-dancing to up-beat songs, and that’s where I found the most pity. I get it, you guys want to spend the night together, but seriously: you are NOT obliged to spend the entire night in your date’s arms. Free your mind, go out and have some fun on the dance floor. If you’re dependent on your date so much that you can’t leave them for a minute to enjoy a few dances with your friends, prom won’t be as great as you think. This statement, however, was just from what I had witnessed. Who knows: maybe sitting and talking does sound like fun to some people. I, on the other hand, am going to use up every cent of the $80 I paid for my prom ticket.

For all the ladies before prom, listen up: my experience with hair and makeup was INSANE! I was immensely stressed out and panicking (then again, I stress out over very small things). My makeup and hair appointments were back-to-back (almost), and of course, makeup was running late because it’s prime prom season. Be sure to book your makeup at least half an hour, if not, more, between your hair appointment. If you run early (which is very unlikely, but possible), it’s better than running late. I was lucky because although my makeup ran late, the hair appointment before me was running late, so I was able to arrive ‘early’ almost. Book your appointments several months in advance, otherwise, big stores like M.A.C or Sephora will be booked. When getting your makeup done, be sure to let the artist know EXACTLY what you want. During the process of getting your makeup done, don’t hesitate to tell them what you want changed. If you’re paying a hefty load of money, you might as well get it done just the way you want it.

Once you’re at prom, just enjoy it. Don’t stress about little things because you’ll end up forgetting about it in the end. Take LOADS of pictures. Be a model that day: it’s your day to shine. Post it all over social media if you have to. If the food there isn’t satisfactory (a lot of the times, they aren’t), grab something to eat after prom ends. A lot of drive-though’s for fast-foods are open very late. If I had the energy, I would’ve asked my dad to buy me some McDonald’s because boy was I hungry after prom.

Dance the night away. You’ll notice a lot of sexual activity throughout the course of prom. Make outs, car sex, bathroom sex, grinding, all kids of ‘jobs,’ etc. Kids get very turned on in tight clothes and heavy makeup and hey, it’s all cool. I don’t have much advice if you’re in that position, but if you’re an outsider, just ignore it or laugh it off, and move on. This is where the movie stuff comes in. Everyone’s twerking on the dance floor, grinding against one another during a slow song…quite humorous, if you ask me. It didn’t distract from my experience at all, if that’s something you may be worried about.

That’s my prom experience in a nutshell. Although I did basically lose a crap ton of money, I’d do it all over again. It’s not really like what you see in the movies…I would say it’s way cooler.


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